Grammy Lincoln Motor

challenge : Find an engaging and interactive platform to engage users on Grammy night.

action : Users would upload or take a photo of themselves on a site where it would be scanned with facial detection technology. Plot points would be distributed at key intersections on the face and, using an algorithm, a musical sound would be assigned to each point. The technology would combine each sound, and the end result would be a unique song that only that user’s face could produce.

result : This digital brand expression was launched in February 2015 to illustrate a core philosophy of the Lincoln Motor Company: respect for individuality. In support of a Grammys media campaign, we wanted to demonstrate this idea by tying together music and the uniqueness of one’s facial characteristics. Working with some of the finest technical designers and composers out there, we were able to build a program that can transform a selfie into a one-of-a-kind song

project type : branding, responsive mobile design

role : experience & creative lead